Lisa's Cakes

Always Fresh - Never Frozen!

Flavors with Suggested Fillings:

Chocolate Flavors:

Dark Chocolate Fudge : Rich, dark chocolate fudge cake filled with your choice: fudge, red raspberry, strawberry, cherry, M&M's, or cookies & cream.

Triple Chocolate:  Chocolate cake with chocolate chips filled with rich chocolate fudge (Death by chocolate...such a great way to go!)

Devil's Food:  A dense, moist, mild chocolate cake filled with your choice: fudge, chocolate buttercream, red raspberry, strawberry, M&M's or cherry.

Mocha Toffee: Dark chocolate cake filled with coffee flavored buttercream topped with real chocolate toffee bits

Fudge Marble: Moist yellow and chocolate cake marbled together and filled with fudge filling.

German Chocolate: Rich german chocolate cake filled with coconut pecan filling

Traditional Flavors:

 French Vanilla: Rich vanilla flavored cake filled with your choice of fillings, apple cinnamon, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, fudge, lemon, mocha, pineapple, red raspberry or strawberry.

Wedding White: Traditional, light, moist white cake filled with your choice: apple cinnamon, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, chocolate chip, fudge, key lime, lemon, orange marmalade, peach jelly, pineapple, red raspberry or strawberry

Yellow: Moist yellow cake tastes great with most fillings - especially chocolate buttercream or white buttercream. :)

Fruit Flavors:  

Strawberry Supreme:  Light strawberry cake filled with your choice of chocolate, strawberry cream or amaretto filling.

Lemon:  light lemon cake filled with your choice: blueberry, lemon pudding, lemon buttercream, red raspberry or strawberry.

Key Lime: Cool tangy Key lime lemon cake filled with key lime buttercream filling.

Specialty Flavors:

Oreo Cake:  Oreo cake filled with crunchy oreo buttercream filling.

Reese Cake: Is there anything better than chocolate and peanut butter???  Both flavors marbled together in one cake and filled with peanut butter filling with a layer of crushed Reese cups.

Peanut Butter Lovers:  Smooth, rich peanut butter cake filled with creamy peanut butter buttercream filling.

Seasonal Flavors:  Available September - December

Spice Cake: Moist spice cake filled with your choice of caramel buttercream, cream cheese or cinnamon apple filling.

Pumpkin Pie Cake:  Delicious rich pumpkin cake filled with creamy buttercream filling.